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Fri Apr 9 19:00:56 2021 UTC (17 months, 3 weeks ago) by burroadmin
Branches: MAIN, AllTimeFlashDreamer
CVS tags: start, HEAD

Replacement of application constant "original user" with effective user:
- add column tournament.originalUser

Allow definition of documents per tournament:
- add table tournamentDoc

Allow definition of more than one admin per tournament:
- add column user.isadmin

Relating of original fixtures and results to effective user "original user":
- remove column fixturejournal.isreal
- remove column resultjournal.isreal

Allow marking of completely defined tournament:
- add column tournament.isdefined

Allow the definition of phases per tournament:
- rename table phase to phaseoftournament
- add table phase
- make sure that the phase id's in the score event ratings are correct

Extension of score event method definition:
- add columns phase and name to table scoreeventmethod
- remove table mode

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