What is FileLister?

FileLister is an file system indexing tool with a web based front-end. Running platform independently in a web environment, its goal is to easily find files in large archives, using a rich set of search configuration options. Additionally, you may download single files or even create and download zip files on the fly from the results of your search.

Features are:

  • Simple / Advanced Search modes
  • Substring, case-sensitive/-insensitive, exact, regular expressions search
  • Search within the whole index tree or within parts of it only
  • Search by size, modification date, file/folder/all; sort order definition
  • Choice between searching the index or directly on disk
  • Search again / Search within results modes
  • Column resorting, results navigation, definition of results-per-site count
  • Dynamic results caching
  • Creation of links for both files and directories for direct download from results view
  • Generation and download of zip files created out of the results
  • Indexing tool which is configurable as cron job / scheduled task
  • Graphical configuration tool for the definition of the application settings, including out-of-the-tool JDBC testing part
  • Dynamic reload of modified application settings
  • Possibility to define a virtual root directory to be indexed: Ideal tool for searching e.g. a software archive
  • Open Source (GPL licensed)

Technologies used:

  • J2SDK / Swing
  • Java Servlets API / JSP
  • Xerces XML
  • JavaScript / CSS

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