Extended Installation (optional)

  • If you want to run InitialIndexer regularly (makes sense if the directory contents change from time to time), configure your operating system to run the shell script or the batch file on a regular base, e.g. once a day. If you don't want to fill your log file with the messages produced by the InitialIndexer, see Tip 6.
  • The installation archive contains several jar files which are needed but may already exist on your file system or shall be shared, for use by other applications. This means you need to change the directory structure of the FileLister installation. Caution: This may lead into an unusable state! If FileLister, the setup application or the InitialIndexer don't work anymore after the changes of the directory structure, we recommend that you reextract the installer archive.
    There are two possibilities how to share those libraries: Move them to another location and change their path in the / filelister_env.bat or create a soft link in the WEB-INF/lib directory (Unix/Linux only).
    The installation archive contains the following jar files which may be shared:
    • kunststoff.jar: The famous kunststoff look and feel provided by Incors.
    • mm.mysql-2.0.14-bin.jar: The official JDBC driver jar of the MySQL server. v2.0.14 is announced to be the last release of the second generation, that's why it's included in the installation. We suggest to move it into the shared folder of your servlet runner (on Tomcat, this is the lib/common subfolder of the installation directory, while on Catalina, this is the common/lib subfolder).
    • xercesImpl.jar and xmlParserAPIs.jar: These two libraries represent the Xerces XML parser, v.2.1.0, provided by Apache.
  • FileLister stores its configuration in the filelister.xml file which resides in the WEB-INF directory. If you want to move this file to another place (although we don't recommend it at all!), you must do the following things:
    • Open the web.xml file in the same directory and edit the param-value tag within the context-param tag named "filelister.configdir". The value you need to set there is the directory where you moved the config file to (without file name!). Changes in the web.xml require a restart of the servlet runner to take effect.
    • If you want to (re)configure FileLister, start / setup.bat with <path-to-config-file> as the first command line argument. If you leave it out, the setup application will show a file selection dialog wherein you can navigate to the new config folder.
    • If you want to (re)run the InitialIndexer, start / InitialIndexer.bat with <path-to-config-file> as the first command line argument.
      Note: As opposed to the setup application, InitialIndexer relies on this additional argument.

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