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webbased mail sending for unlimited implementations and skins

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What is MailWebForm?

MailWebForm allows you to send an e-mail from a web site. It processes a HTML form, composes an e-mail - optionally by processing a template - and delivers it.

A great feature is MailWebForm's spam protection: The recipient's address is not specified in the HTML form; MailWebForm uses a well protected mechanism (property files) to get the mail's destination. Of course flexibility and ease-of-use are MailWebform's design goals.

MailWebForm accepts three levels of parameter input: A global property file, user property files and HTML form input. The setup is easily done through a administration web site.

It uses Java Servlet API (version 2.2+ required), Java Mail API (version 1.3+) and JRE (version1.3.1+).

Quick Installation Notes:

How to access MailWebForm (examples for the default ports of Tomcat and Jetty):

Connect with a web browser to

http://<YourHost>[:<ServletRunnerPort>][/<yourContext>/], e.g. or

for the default mail send form implementation or e.g. or

for the AdminTool.


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