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"eyrie of a noncommercial thriving essence"

This machine is an Internet-Server which hosts webpages for non-commercial organisations for less money. There are several services running on this machine including:

membership categories

III - Association with their own domain (e.g. http://www.your_association.ch/)
II - Association without domain (e.g. http://ente.limmat.ch/your_association/)
I - private users

If you feel like getting hosted here just write an e-mail to info@ente.limmat.ch and wait patiently for a response.
Before you ask to become a member, please read our terms of policy (available in german only).

You may pay a donation to our Postcheckaccount 80-137572-8 (IBAN CH65 0900 0000 80137572 8) which will be received gratefully.


current members with pages:


open source software:
(developed by All Time Flash Dreamer and information kinematics)

sports/ games/ politics:




...the punk duck...

This service is only possible with all the kindness and goodwill of:

Genossenschaft Dreieck
Genossenschaft Dreieck Zürich, Switzerland, sponsors the location and infrastructure.
Devuan GNU/Linux
Devuan kindly provides the software.
Altrax, Zürich, Switzerland, hosted this machine from 2001 until summer 2004.
Endymion Corporation, Gainesville, Florida, USA, sponsored the previous webmail solution of this host.
Limmat-Net, Zürich, Switzerland, hosted the server from 1996 - 2001.
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