Cary Audio Design SLI-30

Integrated Stereo Amplifier

Download the manual including the schematics.

cary ad, front side The advertising from Cary, when the SLI-30 came out (ca. 1993).
cary ad, back side
cary sli-30 golden front The SLI-30 is not an optical design master piece, but it's a wonderful sounding amp.
cary sli-30 back side
cary sli-30 black It seems there was a black edition too.
cary sli-30 black open Or is this a custom version? The pictures from the black version are from a french audio forum.
cary sli-30 inside detail Inside view of a SLI-30 equipped with La Radiotechnique E84L output tubes (7320, Siemens Halske made) and a pair of Sylvania 12AD7 input tubes on the left.
It is also possible to plug 7189 output tubes into this amplifier, which gives about 4W more power per channel. A comparison of the different output tubes can be found on
cary sli-30 back side The 7320 are slightly longer than standard EL84, so the cover needs to be lifted a few milimeters. Ok, this can't be seen on the picture, but it's worth mentioning.
cary slp-30 black front There was also a preamplifier SLP-30 in a similar housing.